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Reducing the burden of litigation from the court should be the responsibility of every citizen in India. The court has to follow the procedure established by law in deciding the dispute. The judicial procedure may be rigid or flexible, it may be a matter of research, but it is not right to blame flexibility in procedural law for the delay in disposal of the disputes.

The Trust is of the view that only those matters in which the judicial mind is needed should be filed in the court. It has been felt that in many cases the judicial process is cunningly used by the plaintiff/complainant to get improper benefits. Some cases are presented in the court in a hurry. Once the move is made, the party feels humiliated in returning. The team of the trust attempts to resolve the disputes by compromise that is presented to achieve an improper purpose, hot-hastily, or does not have to need a judicial mind. The team of trust attempts to resolve all kinds of family disputes, property-related disputes, and compoundable criminal disputes at the pre-litigation stage and the disputes pending in the court. 

The Trust believes that the burden of litigation from the court may be reduced if counseling by experienced persons is made between the parties to the litigation before filling such types of cases in the court. 

The Trust has a team to meet the above objectives. The Trust is trying to make its team more comprehensive. The Trust also expects advice, service, and cooperation from individuals who possess knowledge and interest in the above field.

Ram Yatan Sharma

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